The DFS Way

Simply the BEST

At DFS we listen to each of our customers Ė and quickly understand your needs, your deliverables and the timelines. Then we get to work. Itís simple. Itís the DFS Way.

1. NEEDS ANALYSIS: What are we dealing with

Thatís a fancy way of saying cards on the table face up. You canít know the best way forward without understanding where youíre starting. So we ask simple, direct questions to understand your current processes, preferred carriers and invoice settlement rules. We never assume the current model is broken, but we do have some tricks up our sleeve to fine-tune it for maximum results.
Then we meet in person or via web-conference to tell you exactly what weíve found; good, bad or otherwise. If thereís room for improvement we will offer a strait-forward action plan for your team to consider.

2. COST STUDY: How can we reduce costs

Itís about more than just personalized, professional service. We also stand by our savings commitment. For every customer we run mode-by-mode cost comparisons to shave cost off your operational bottom line. Through economies of scale weíve offered customers industry-leading freight discounts of 14-45 percent.
After all of that, if you like what you see, endorse the DFS Enrollment Agreement.

3. IMPLEMENTATION: How we get started

We aim to be quick but thorough; the average implementation lasts 4-weeks. We gather such things as customer location data, special shipping and receiving instructions, freight descriptions, tracking needs and then notify our contracted carriers and vendors. Next we determine all freight approval, settlement and reporting requirements to create your tailored DFS freight payment module. Lastly we introduce your customer support team and conduct all necessary freight management and payment system training.

4. PARTNERSHIP: What we call the daily grind

We never stop: 24/7/365 guaranteed. The freight hauling business can get ugly, there are uncontrollable that can affect performance, but we can promise you proven processes that minimize service failures and focused communication.
DFS provides every customer with daily support, organic and vendor compliance management, carrier monitoring and KPI gathering. Each quarter expect a review to discuss actual savings experience and key performance recommendations to address issues and seek ways to continually improve service.

5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: The pursuit of best-practice

Even with some of the highest standards in the logistics industry, thereís always more that can be done to improve efficiency, lower costs and streamline what we do. So we collect and analyze data on an ongoing basis. We evaluate carriers, and run mode-by-mode analysis programs to unearth and determine any potential efficiency and cost savings. Then we pass them on to you.

6. GROWTH: Building your business

Itís our ultimate goal. That you grow your business and see the ultimate value that we add. Everything we do is geared to this end from day one to the present day.